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Are you looking to have a land survey carried out that incorporates 3D survey data? Romsey customers should look no further than Digital Terrain Surveys LLP as ours are among the most comprehensive surveys available locally. Tailored to your specific requirements, you’ll find our surveys to be extensive and easy to interpret. They are affordable too, so you won’t end up spending over the odds. To get started, call us on +44(0)1794 514978. 

Professional Surveys Featuring Comprehensive 3D Survey Data in Romsey 

Here at Digital Terrain Surveys LLPwe specialise in providing high-quality land surveys, a service that we carry out across the UK and even as far afield as Europe. We use only the latest, cutting-edge equipment and software and follow a set process, ensuring any errors or omissions are quickly remedied. Land surveys are an important stage during land development, and 3D survey data, Romsey customers, can provide a very clear and concise picture. 

Our land surveys provide Romsey 3D survey data along with other topographical information, including: 

  • Contours 
  • Ordnance Survey Grid and Datum 
  • Utility Information 
  • Individual Layering 
  • Road Markings 

So, if you’re looking for a complete land survey that provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision, Digital Terrain Surveys LLP can help. We can also carry out volumetric surveys which feature cross and longitudinal sections, cut and fill calculations, 3D contours and triangulation models. 

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What is 3D Survey Data, Romsey Customers? 

In a nutshell, 3D survey data is where software is used for 2D image processing. Data is captured using specialist equipment, and this data is then interpreted using software to create 3D Point Clouds, Digital Orthophotos (DOF), and digital Surface Models (DSM). We use 3D survey data in Romsey to calculate volumes, profile lines, and new surfaces quickly and accurately.  

This is especially useful when carrying out land surveys, which involves establishing corners, lines, boundaries, and monuments that make up an area of land. This information is best expressed in the 3D format. So, if you request a land survey, there’s a good chance we’ll incorporate 3D survey data, Romsey clients. 

Before we begin, our Romsey 3D survey data specialists will meet with you to discuss your requirements. No matter your needs or budget, we’ll tailor our service to match. And if you’re looking to request our services outside of Romsey, know that we’re available to complete surveys throughout the UK and Europe. 

And once the survey is done, we can deliver it, complete with 3D survey data, Romsey customers, anyway you choose. Delivery formats include AutoCAD drawing files, paper and film plots (A4 to A0), drawing files suitable for Autodesk Revit, PDF and DXF drawing files. Delivery is typically provided either by disk or email. 

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Why Come to Us for Romsey 3D Survey Data Services? 

At Digital Terrain Surveys LLP, we excel in the provision of both land and building surveys. Both serve important roles, ensuring even the smallest mistakes don’t later become costly. We employ the latest software and equipment and go the extra mile to ensure any errors and omissions are identified and eliminated quickly. Our access to the latest Total Stations and GPS surveying equipment ensures 100% accuracy every time. 

Once we have the data we need, including 3D survey data, Romsey customers only need to wait a short time while we process the information using state-of-the-art software. All surveys are delivered on time as agreed; if you’d like us to go through the survey with you, we’d be more than happy to do so. If you require a quick turnaround, we can offer this service as well as special rates for returning customers. In general, our prices are very affordable. 

Also, because we double-check every project, we ensure the correct resources are allocated. So, no delays and no unexpected costs to worry about. If you need a survey that includes 3D survey data, in Romsey, we are the company to call! 

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