Digital Survey

Digital Survey

Are you looking for a company who can produce an accurate digital survey of your site? At Digital Terrain Surveys, we are the specialists in creating topographical surveys for homeowners, architects, councils, and more. With over 25 years of experience, we have earned a reputation as one of the leading digital surveyors in the area.

The best digital surveys for your site  Digital Survey

There are many situations in which a digitally produced survey can be of use. A digital survey will mark out both natural and manmade land attributes, and give you an exact outline of where your property boundaries begin and end. If you plan to build on your land, a digital site survey is one of the key ways to ensure you do not breach any laws before construction begins.

Digital Terrain Surveys LLP provide a comprehensive digital surveying service whereby we will assess your land and create a corresponding survey that is completely to scale. Having one point of reference for all of these vital figures can save you time that would otherwise be spent by calculating measurements manually.

Every digital survey will indicate the size, location and dimensions of the following aspects:

  • Land contours
  • Roads
  • Utility information
  • Ordnance survey grid and data
  • Individual layering

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Our team can also provide volumetric surveys, which feature cross and longitudinal sections, 3D contours, and 3D triangulation models. A volumetric survey is created by comparing the results of two or more topographical surveys which have been conducted at different times. This can, therefore, give a more accurate representation of certain land features. No matter how big or small your site may be, we have experience in producing volumetric digital surveys for significant stretches of land.

We make sure that all digital surveys are tailored to the client’s individual requirements and the timescale they may be working to. As different customers use our surveys for different reasons, it is important that we make the survey as clear and user-friendly as possible. If there are any areas of your digital survey that you would like to be explained in more detail, do not hesitate to ask.

Why choose our digital surveying experts?

Our digital surveys are compiled using the most advanced surveying technology so that we can yield the most accurate results. With an extensive knowledge of Total Stations and all GPS equipment, we know how to make the most of our surveying apparatus to collect the data we need. This information will then be drawn up in the form of a digital survey.

Every member of our team is highly qualified in the field of surveying and has accumulated many years of experience. Our digital surveying service has been specially chosen by many private and blue-chip clients across the UK and Europe. Furthermore, many clients come back to us as and when they require additional services, which is a credit to the standard of our work.

We can provide your digital survey in any format of your choice, whether you would like a hard copy, web copy, or both. We will make sure that your survey is delivered to you by your stated deadline in the medium you have requested. From AutoCAD drawing file, PDF, or drawing files suitable for Autodesk Revit, your digital surveys can take a number of forms.

Due to the competitive prices that we offer at Digital Terrain Surveys LLP, it is unlikely that you will find better value for money elsewhere. Our talents digital surveyors will take care of all aspects of the process, so don’t delay your land survey any longer. We provide our services in Hampshire, Southampton and other surrounding areas.

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