How Much Does a Drainage Survey Cost?

How much does a drainage survey cost? We are often asked this question, by which we reply– how much would you like to spend on repairs? Every homeowner replies with either ‘not a lot’ or ‘nothing’. If you have the same answer in your head, then you will need the help of DT Surveys today. Our drainage survey cost balanced against repairs will be the best investment that you make when you buy a new home.

Drainage survey cost

Buying a home isn’t as straightforward as you would like it to be. There are so many things to arrange, and people to deal with that it can feel overbearing at times. You will want to feel secure that when you purchase your new home, that there are no problems hidden away. Sometimes these problems are undetected even by the current homeowners, but this is a false economy that could have a massive impact.

Drains are often forgotten about by homeowners, which makes our drainage survey cost a worthwhile investment for your home. We review every project at the quotation stage and then at the contract stage as we endeavour to complete every project within the agreed deadline. This is done, so that we can make sure that every project is completed on time.

Good surveyors pride themselves on their accuracy. At DT Surveys, we combine the best GPS surveying devices on the market with Total stations for pinpoint accuracy. We are able to collect data from your site and process the raw data at our offices. The team are committed to providing the best drainage survey cost service.

We don’t just provide a surveyor service, we are the first choice for those who need drainage system surveying. If you are asking yourself, ‘why do I need this?’, you may want to think again. If there’s backed-up sewage or tree root ingress, this could incur a huge cost which you will be liable for. With the help of our drainage survey cost team, you will find the peace of mind is worth the cost. These surveys help establish who is responsible for the costs whether it is you or your utility provider.

Survey formats

Before choosing a surveyor company, you will want to know that the company you choose can send you the survey in a usable format. There is nothing worse than having to chase your surveyor up because you cannot use the file. Our drainage survey cost company can supply your survey in these formats:

  • AutoCAD drawing files
  • Autodesk Revit suitable drawings
  • Email or disk delivery
  • Paper and Film plots from A4 to A0 size
  • PDF and DXF files

Why choose DT Surveys

As a result of using the best GPS equipment, Total Stations and software, we have the facilities to complete surveys on properties of all sizes. So whether you need us to inspect the drains of a terrace two bedroom house or a large estate, you can relax knowing that we have you in our capable hands. The team will keep you up-to-date on all of the latest developments.

We have many years of experience in surveying properties of all sizes. No job will be too big or small for our team who are carefully selected as this is a precision business. The little details will be carefully dealt with for the results that you need. You can expect a completely honest approach from DT Surveys and its employees.

Drainage surveys is only one part of the service that we offer. If you want a complete survey of your property before you commit pen ink to paper, then we are the company to choose. We will take conduct a thorough survey of the property and its inner parts. If you are not sure what the boundaries are, then a survey will have it in writing.

Cost of a Drainage Survey Our projects

At DT Surveys, we like you to visit our projects page to see a full list of what we have completed in the past. Regardless of the client size, we treat everyone the same and give them the great service which we have become associated with.


“DT Surveys surveyed the drains of this property I wanted to purchase, but found tree roots had smashed through the old drainage. I am very grateful for the guys for their help.”

Mr Jones

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