Land Surveys Hampshire

Have you Googled ‘land surveys Hampshire’? If so, be sure to get in touch with Digital Terrain Surveys LLP today by calling +44(0)1794 514978 and arrange a site visit from our team. With many years of experience, our wealth of knowledge ensures that all Hampshire land surveys are both accurate and legally compliant. Whatever your need, you won’t find a more affordable surveyor anywhere else.

The best choice for land surveys in Hampshire

When purchasing property or developing on any area of land, it’s worth noting that all land in the UK has been documented and allocated. With various laws and regulations in effect, it’s important to understand your rights and claims in the eyes of the law. As leading specialists in various topographical survey projects across the UK and Europe, we excel at producing the most accurate land surveys Hampshire has seen.

With any major building development comes the background work and to avoid potential lawsuits and consequences that could financially cripple you, you need to take steps. At Digital Terrain Surveys LLP, we deliver complete land surveys in Hampshire for clients seeking the reassurance that they are fully covered – no matter what!

You can learn more about our land surveys Hampshire services such as what it involves and why it’s so important by reading the remainder of this article.

Why are Hampshire land surveys important?

If you wish to remain legally covered you require a land surveyor as only they have the authority to describe the land as it is. At Digital Terrain Surveys LLP, our land surveys Hampshire team tailor all surveys to your budget, timescale and needs and provide a full range of topographical services that include:

Land Surveys Hampshire

  • Contours
  • Ordnance Survey Grid and Datum
  • 3D survey data
  • Utility information
  • Road markings and more

Our Hampshire land surveys will highlight boundaries indicating where your property ends and the next one begins. We also detail any features such as trees or roads that fall within the boundaries of your property as well as access rights (e.g. the public) and permits that may be in effect. As the finest choice for land surveys Hampshire has to offer, our surveys can assist legal professionals in updating any existing land deed.

For building projects, our land surveys in Hampshire will assist in the correct placement, identify any issues that may be present and ultimately help in preventing court disputes. This makes land surveys a worthwhile consideration for prospective homebuyers, as you can see for yourself exactly what you are buying before you commit.

How can Digital Terrain Surveys LLP be of assistance?

Here at Digital Terrain Surveys LLP, our surveyors are, without a doubt, the best in the industry. When you call up our team, we will arrange a time to visit your site that is convenient for you and ensure that you receive one of the most reliable land surveys Hampshire has experienced. From plotting and measuring to recording our findings and creating up-to-date maps of the surrounding area, no stone is left unturned. We even use previous maps to guarantee accuracy from start-to-finish.

The goal of our land surveys in Hampshire is to describe the land in accurate detail while uncovering any potential subjects for dispute and assessing your legal allocations. In addition to topographical surveys, we also supply volumetric surveys in which we compile a range of data including:

  • 3D triangulation models
  • Cut and fill calculations
  • Cross and longitudinal sections
  • 3D contours

Once we have finished creating your survey, our land surveys Hampshire team will supply your survey in the format of your choice. Formats include AutoCAD, PDF and DXF and we can deliver these surveys to you via email or disk.

Additional services

To ensure that we supply a well-rounded service, Digital Terrain Surveys LLP also provides assistance in other areas too. From setting out and monitoring to drainage surveys, underground utilities tracing, property boundary reconciliation and more, we provide a number of other services for our Hampshire land surveys clients.

Benefits of hiring a professional land surveyor in Hampshire

Land Surveys Hampshire

If you’re looking for the best land surveys Hampshire has encountered, Digital Terrain Surveys LLP are for you. By choosing our company, you’ll benefit in many ways with services designed to make your life easier. To find out more, we’ve listed the three key benefits below:

Makes buying a home easier

There is nothing worse than investing in a new home only to discover six months down the line that the property requires substantial investment or is prone to flooding. By electing to have one of our land surveys in Hampshire carried out, you will be made aware of any underlying issues such as on-going disputes, whether the property is located on a floodplain, the land itself, etc.

Assists with new developments

As with buying a property, a land survey is also essential, potentially more so, if you’re seeking to develop an area of land. You could potentially waste millions of pounds building a large block of flats only to discover that the land itself is unstable or that it’s currently being contested. Additionally, Hampshire land surveys are a great way of determining where to place down roads and buildings for maximum effect.

Helps with the subdivision of land

This is something that will benefit both domestic and commercial customers. For instance, if you’re writing out your will and looking to divide up areas of land between your children. Or, for businesses looking to lease out sections of their land, land surveys are vital in determining the legal standing of all parties involved.

So, if you’re in need of a land survey and have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our team today.

What makes us the best choice for land surveys Hampshire has seen?

If you’re seeking the most trusted land surveys Hampshire has to offer, there is only one name that you need to remember – Digital Terrain Surveys LLP. With a proud history and many years of experience, we are committed to providing outstanding services across all manner of projects. From private to commercial developments, our clients can expect a first-class service from the outset.

We used the latest cutting-edge technologies including GPS and advanced software, all of which is operated by our highly trained and dedicated team. All land surveys in Hampshire are reviewed at the quotation stage and the correct resources allocated. This ensures that you receive surveys that are 100% accurate and are delivered in a timely fashion and under budget.

We are proud of our enviable reputation for smashing deadlines and providing Hampshire land surveys that are completed in strict accordance with the client’s specifications. All of our work is overseen by a project manager whose job is to ensure that the highest standards of quality are maintained throughout.

Digital Terrain Surveys LLP can provide all this at prices that are highly competitive. Plus, we also provide special rates for clients who keep us on retainer for major work.


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