Topographical Survey Southampton

Are you looking to purchase a plot of land or would like to apply for planning permission to begin your development of an existing plot of land you own? If you are, then you will be in need of the services of Digital Terrain Surveys for the best topographical survey Southampton can possibly offer. Call our friendly team today on +44 (0) 1794 514 978 to book a topographical survey in Southampton at very competitive prices with unbeatable customer service.


Superior Southampton Topographical Survey

When it comes to developing a piece of land into either a habitable area or a commercial area, you need to know that the land you are building on is sound. This means that you will need the finest topographical survey Southampton has to offer if you are going to move forward with your project confidently.

Alternatively, if you are in possession of some land and wish to know the value of it, then a topographical survey Southampton will be able to give you the life, value, and strength of the land as well. On top of these factors, you will be able to gain a greater understanding of the land itself. This includes the elevation, curves, height, and many other elements (such as trees, walkways, manholes in the land, walls, wells, utility poles, soil density, walkways, and other materials in the area) that will be included in the report.

Topographical Survey Southampton

Typically, a Southampton topographical survey will follow this process:

  • Establish The Vertical And Horizontal Control To Create A Framework For The Survey
  • Determine The Elevation Of Ground Points And Ample Horizontal Location To Provide Sufficient Data For Plotting, Which Will Follow When A Map Is Prepared
  • Locate Man-Made And Natural Features That May Be Crucial To The Survey’s Purpose
  • Compute Angles, Distances, Elevations, And Volumes Of Earthwork
  • Draw The Topographic Maps

Depending on your specific requirements and the information you require, we will be able to alter this plan accordingly and give you a completely personalised experience that is tailored to your needs. In this way, we guarantee complete satisfaction when you come to Digital Terrain Surveys for your topographical survey Southampton.


Why Choose Us For A Topographical Survey In Southampton?

Here at Digital Terrain Surveys, we are specialists in our industry with years of experience and a myriad of qualifications to boot. We use the latest technology, such as Total Stations, GPRS equipment, and advanced survey software to complete all kinds of tasks on top of the ability to give you the finest Southampton topographical survey.

Our aims with every topographical survey in Southampton include:

  • All projects are reviewed at quotation stage and again at contract stage by one of the Partners, this is to ensure company resources are allocated to complete the project within the quoted timescale.
  • To provide complete accuracy for each topographical survey Southampton, we use a combination of Total Stations and the latest GPS surveying equipment to directly collect survey data on site.
  • Following the onsite data collection, we use the latest computer software to process the raw survey information, this enables efficiency and a high quality finished product.

We always strictly follow procedures and methods which are in line with both the clients’ requirements and also the industry standards and legislation, which also produce the best results for each topographical survey Southampton.


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